Friday, January 13, 2012

How We Met

When I was nine years old, I embarked with a other kids from my church (some of whom are now my best friends) to Jefferson City, Tennessee for a church camp called Crosspoint (now CentriKid Camps). When I returned home after a week of incredible memories and tons of fun, I promptly informed by mother that I would be a camp staffer one day.

Well, ten years later, I applied to be a staffer for CentriKid. On March 6, I found out I would be serving as a staffer and actor for CentriKid Team 5. I added 24 strangers on Facebook that night--among those was Christopher Mize.

On May 28, 2010, I packed a carry on and boarded a plane to Nashville. It seems silly to fly to Nashville, but LifeWay Christian Resources provided my travel accommodations. I had a connecting flight in Atlanta--it was the first time I'd ever been. Ironic, isn't it? :)

When I reached the Nashville airport, I was so excited I could barely contain myself. My nervousness/excited jitters combined with a bottle of water on the flight left me in search for a ladies room when I made my way over to the baggage claim. As I searched for a restroom, I saw about ten college students running to embrace each other, laughing, sitting on black trunks covered in stickers, and reuniting with old friends/making new ones. My heart skipped about ten beats--those were CentriKid staffers. I was getting ready to meet people I had "gotten to know" over Facebook for the past two months in person--and spend eleven weeks of my summer with them.

While I was walking and staring at the staffers, my eyes met those of Christopher Mize. I knew it from his facebook picture and video journey we had posted on our team group page. He was wearing a red t-shirt and glasses. His eyes were blue and bright, and he was handsome. Very handsome. I looked away quickly, reminding myself of the purpose of my current excursion. This new jolt of nerves and excitement did nothing for my full bladder.

I changed clothes in the bathroom, fixed my hair and makeup, took a few deep breaths, and headed towards the staffers. I met some of my teammates, including Chris, and started a chapter in my life that I will never, ever forget.

First picture with my future husband!
 After OMC during the 3rd camp cycle.

Everyone in these two pictures is engaged!

Some of the best friends I have.

Thank you, Lord, for CentriKid Camps.

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